Deacon Ordination Updated

I have updated the Ordination of a Deacon ritual.  The substance of the update is to elevate the status of the diaconate by placing it under the direct supervision of the episcopate rather than under that delegated to the priesthood.  I am no longer inclined to  consider the role of Deacon to be inherently subsidiary to that of the Priestess and Priest.   Consider the attribution of the triad of Priestess/Priest/Deacon to that of the three Gunas–Tamas/Rajas/Sattva, and the three Alchemical Principles–Salt/Sulfur/Mercury.  I am considering further policies to advance this idea, including the granting of privileges similar to those currently held in E.G.C. by ordained Priests and Priestesses to ordained Deacons who have also attained the rank of K.E.W. in M∴M∴M∴.


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