A Ceremony for Visitation and Administration of the Virtues to the Sick

Prepared for the use of E.G.C. clergy
by T. Apiryon, Helena, and T. Sir Hasirim

This is a ceremony whereby a sick member of the congregation may partake of communion in his or her home or in hospital. If the illness is grave, and death is immanent, Last Rites should be administered rather than this ceremony.

A Cake of Light and a portion of wine have been reserved from the Gnostic Mass. These are kept in suitable containers inside a suitable case along with a chalice, a paten, a small container of consecrated water, a stick of incense, and a vial of Holy Oil. Materials for an exorcism are also included, if such is deemed necessary. This is taken by the PRIEST, PRIESTESS, BISHOP, or DEACON SACERDOTE to the hospital or home of the sick.)

The part labeled OFFICIANT may be filled by either the Priest or by the Priestess or by a Bishop or a Deacon-Sacerdote.

The OFFICIANT (on approaching the building): “I come in the Power of the Light. I come in the Light of Wisdom. I come in the Mercy of the Light. The Light hath Healing in its Wings.”

OFFICIANT: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”

Communicant: “Love is the law, love under will.”

(The OFFICIANT should now ask the Communicant if it is his or her will to proceed with this service, and proceeds only upon receiving an affirmative response. An exorcism may be performed at this point, if necessary.)

OFFICIANT: Let us confess our beliefs.

(The OFFICIANT and the Communicant recite the Creed together.)

(The OFFICIANT unpacks the case and sets up the contents on a table or other surface near the Communicant as an altar. The case itself may be used as an altar, if appropriate. The OFFICIANT pours the wine into the chalice and covers it. The OFFICIANT places the Cake of Light on the paten. The OFFICIANT places the chalice and the paten on the altar.)

(The OFFICIANT makes ☩ on the Communicant with the consecrated water, saying:)

OFFICIANT: Be thou pure of body and soul!

(The OFFICIANT lights the stick of incense and makes ☩ on the Communicant, saying:)

OFFICIANT: Be thou fervent of body and soul!

OFFICIANT: (with the Hailing Sign): Be the LORD present among us!

Communicant (with the Hailing Sign): So mote it be!

OFFICIANT: May the Essence of the Saints be here present, potent, puissant, and paternal to perfect this feast!

Communicant: So mote it be!

(The OFFICIANT recites the Anthem, with the Communicant responding.)

(The OFFICIANT takes the Paten between the index and medius of the right hand.)

OFFICIANT: Lord most secret, bless this spiritual food unto our bodies, bestowing upon us health and wealth and strength and joy and peace, and that fulfillment of will and of love under will that is perpetual happiness.

(The OFFICIANT makes ☩ with Paten and kisses it; uncovers the Cup, genuflects, rises.)

OFFICIANT: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”

Communicant: “Love is the law, love under will.”

Communicant (at the direction of the OFFICIANT): In my mouth be the essence of the life of the Sun!

(The Communicant takes the Host with the right hand, makes ☩ with it on the Paten, and consumes it.

The OFFICIANT uncovers and offers the chalice.

If the Communicant is unable to consume the Cake and Wine, the OFFICIANT should do it in his/her stead, then lay hands upon the Commuicant. The OFFICIANT may touch the Host to the afflicted area or to the Communicant’s Chakra points prior to consuming it.)

Communicant: In my mouth be the essence of the joy of the Earth!

(The Communicant takes the Cup, makes ☩ on the OFFICIANT, drains it and returns it.)

Communicant: There is no part of me that is not of the Gods.

OFFICIANT (Anointing the Communicant’s brow with Holy Oil):

☩ The LORD bless thee.

☩ The LORD enlighten thy mind and comfort thy heart and sustain thy body.

☩ The LORD bring thee to the accomplishment of thy true Will, the Great Work, the Summum Bonum, True Wisdom and Perfect Happiness.

(The OFFICIANT and the Communicant may converse freely until it is time for the OFFICIANT to depart. Additional healing operations may be conducted, if appropriate.)

OFFICIANT (departing): “Love is the law, love under will.”

Version: 4/10/2023 e.v.