Keynote Addresses

Speeches given at National O.T.O. Conferences

The U.S. Grand Lodge of O.T.O. has held a national conference (NOTOCON) every two years since 1997 e.v. The official website for the most recent conference can be found here.

NOTOCON XIV Keynote Address: From Gold Forge Steel

Delivered August 8th, 2023 e.v.

NOTOCON XII Keynote Address: Fear Not at All

Delivered August 3rd, 2019 e.v.

NOTOCON XI Keynote Address: For the Chance of Union

Delivered August 12th, 2017 e.v.

NOTOCON X Keynote Address: Fire of Motion

Delivered August 15th, 2015 e.v.

NOTOCON IX Keynote Address: Neither East nor West

Delivered August 10th, 2013 e.v.

NOTOCON VIII Keynote Address: Manifest Thy Glory

Delivered August 6th, 2011 e.v.

NOTOCON VII Keynote Address: Unity Uttermost Showed

Delivered August 8th, 2009 e.v.

NOTOCON VI Keynote Address: Beauty & Strength

Delivered August 10th, 2007 e.v.

NOTOCON V Keynote Address: Heretics & Kings

Delivered August 13th, 2005 e.v.

NOTOCON IV Keynote Address: Initiation

Delivered August 9th, 2003 e.v.

NOTOCON III Keynote Address: The Divine

Delivered August 11th, 2001 e.v.

NOTOCON II Keynote Address: Fraternity

Delivered August 6th, 1999 e.v.

NOTOCON I Keynote Address

Delivered August 15th, 1997 e.v.