A Curious Investigation Concerning the Nature of the Mass

By Tau Apiryon

The Wine is the Philosophic Mercury. It is composed of three sub-elements: water, alcohol, and a complex of oils and tartrates which give it its unique flavor, color and bouquet. These three sub-elements are our Three Principles. The water is our Salt (Tamas); the alcohol is our Mercury (Sattva); and the factors which give the wine its unique characteristics represent our Sulfur (Rajas).

The Host is the First Matter; and contains the Sulfate of Mercury within itself, in the form of the “thick leavings of red wine.” Aside from the reflected Mercury dwelling therein, the Host is composed of five sub-elements, which are our Five Elements: meal (Prithivi), honey (Vayu), olive oil (Apas), Oil of Abramelin (Tejas) and Red Oil (Akasha).

During the Mass, the Host, the First Matter of Five Elements, is broken up, and a Particle of it is dissolved within the Wine, the Mercury of Three Principles. The Mystic Union of the First Matter and our Mercury gives rise to the Stone of the Philosophers; the joining of the Five with the Three begets the Eight, the number of BAPHOMET and CHRISTOS. This completes the First Cycle of the Operation. The Second Cycle begins with the consumption of our Eucharistic Elements by the Priest and the People.

Original Publication Date: 1997