Book List for E.G.C. Priests and Priestesses

  1. Reading List
    1. Commentary on Liber XV:
      1. Crowley, Aleister; Book 15: Ecclesiae Gnosticae Catholicae Canon Missae, in Magick: Book IV, Parts I-IV, Second, Revised Edition; edited, annotated and introduced by Hymenaeus Beta, Samuel Weiser, York Beach, Maine 1997
      2. Crowley, Aleister; “Liber XV; O.T.O. Ecclesiae Gnosticae Catholicae Canon Missae, the Gnostic Mass; Edited from the Ancient Documents in Assyrian and Greek by the Master Therion” Edited and harmonized by Mordecai Shapiro, in Ecclesia Gnostica, Vol. I, No. 3, E.G.C., Emeryville, California 1981, reprinted in The Equinox, Vol. III, No. 10, Ordo Templi Orientis, 93 Publishing, NY 1986
      3. Soror Meral; “Additional Stage Directions and Commentary to Liber XV” in In the Continuum, Vol. II No. 4, College of Thelema, Oroville, California 1979
      4. Tau Apiryon and Helena; Mystery of Mystery: A Primer of Thelemic Ecclesiastical Gnosticism (Red Flame No. 2), Oakland, California, July/November 1995
    2. Books on Comparative Symbolism in Eucharistic Ritual:
      1. Frater Achad; The Chalice of Ecstasy, being a Magical and Qabalistic Interpretation of the Drama of Parzival, Yogi Publication Society, Chicago 1923
      2. Hoeller, Stephan A.; The Mystery and Magic of the Eucharist, The Gnostic Press, Hollywood, CA 1973/1990
      3. Inman, Thomas; Ancient Pagan and Modern Christian Symbolism Exposed and Explained, Peter Bokler, NY 1869/1874
      4. Jung, C.G.; “Transformation Symbolism in the Mass” in Psyche & Symbol, V.L. de Laszlo, ed., Doubleday, New York 1958
    3. Books on Gnosticism:
      1. Couliano, Ioan P.; The Tree of Gnosis, Harper San Francisco 1990
      2. Mead, G.R.S.; The Complete Echoes from the Gnosis [1906-1908], Chthonios Books, Hastings 1987
      3. Mead, G.R.S.; Fragments of a Faith Forgotten [1900], University Books, NY
      4. Rudolph, Kurt; Gnosis, Harper & Rowe, San Francisco 1977
    4. Books on Sacerdotal Science:
      1. James, E.O.; The Nature and Function of Priesthood, Barns & Noble, New York 1955
      2. James, E.O.; Sacrifice and Sacrament, Thames & Hudson, London 1962
      3. Ledbeater, C.W.; Science of the Sacraments [1920], Vasanta Press, Theosophical Society, Adyar, Madras 1980
  2. Reference Sources
    1. Books on Eucharistic Ritual:
      1. Brightman, F.E.; Liturgies Eastern and Western, Oxford at the Clarendon Press, Oxford 1896
      2. Davies, J.G. & Raymond George, Eds.;“A Select Liturgical Lexicon”, Ecumenical Studies in Worship, No 14. Lutterworth Press, London 1963
      3. Donoghue, Thomas A, S.J.; The Rubrics of the Low Mass, Woodstock College Press, Woodstock, Maryland 1939
      4. Drower, E.S.; Water into Wine, John Murray, London 1956
      5. O’Connell; Msgr. Laurence J., and Walter J. Schmitz; The Book of Ceremonies, The Bruce Publishing Company, Milwaukee 1956
      6. Thompson, Bard; Liturgies of the Western Church, The World Publishing Company, NY 1961
    2. Books on Comparative Symbolism:
      1. Blavatsky, H. P.; Isis Unveiled, Vol. II: Theology [1891], Theosophical University Press, Pasadena 1976
      2. Harrison, Jane Ellen; Themis; a Study of the Social Origins of Greek Religion [1912/1927], University Books, NY 1962
      3. Hislop, Rev. Alexander; The Two Babylons, Loizeaux Brothers, Neptune, NJ 1916/1959
      4. Ragon, J-M., La Messe et Ses Mystères, comparés aux mystères anciens, troisième édition, E. Dentu, Paris 1882; réimpression par Les Éditions du Prieuré, 1992
    3. Books on the History of E.G.C. and its Antecedents:
      1. Bricaud, Jean; Catéchisme Gnostique. A l’usage des fidèles de l’Église Catholique Gnostique, Lyon, 1907 [translated and reprinted as “The Esoteric Christian Doctrine” by the Universal Gnostic Church, Worthington, Barbados]
      2. Geyraud, Pierre; Sectes & Rites, petites églises, religions nouvelles, sociétés secrètes de Paris, Éditions Émile-Paul Frères 1954
      3. Le Forestier, René; L’Occultisme en France aux XIXème et XXème siècles: L’Église Gnostique, Ouvrage inédit publié par Antoine Faivre, Archè, Milano 1990
      4. Möller, Helmut and Ellic Howe; Merlin Peregrinus, vom Untergrund des Abendlandes, Koenigshausen & Neumann, Wuertzburg 1986
    4. Books on Gnosticism:
      1. Doresse, Jean; The Secret Books of the Egyptian Gnostics, transl. by Philip Mairet, Viking Press, New York 1958-1960
      2. Filoramo, Giovanni, A History of Gnosticism, translated by Anthony Alcock, Blackwell Publishers, Cambridge, Mass. 1990
      3. Legge, Francis; Forerunners and Rivals of Christianity, from 330 B.C. to 330 A.D. [1915], University Books, NY 1964
      4. Mead, G.R.S.; Pistis Sophia, John M. Watkins, London 1921
      5. Robinson, James M. (Ed.); The Nag Hammadi Library, Harper & Rowe, San Francisco, 1978
      6. Wakefield, Walter L. and Austin P. Evans; Heresies of the High Middle Ages, Columbia University Press, New York 1969/1991

Original Publication Date: September 1998 e.v.