Disruption of Events

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A question has been raised about the ability of Local Masters to remove a member in good standing from an official  O.T.O. event if that member is being unruly, abusive, or otherwise disruptive at the event.  Section VIII.B.5. of the COLMH (which section sets forth the procedures for placing a member on “notice”) includes the following statement:

“Using the example of an individual who is unruly or abusive at an event, the individual should first be counseled to moderate his or her conduct, and failing success with that, should be asked to leave. Refusal to leave when asked could be grounds for putting the member “on notice” according to the following procedure:…”

One of the privileges of O.T.O. membership is the ability of members to attend official O.T.O. events appropriate to the member’s degree.  However, members do not have the privilege of disrupting such events by their misbehavior.  Members who abuse their privilege by misbehaving at an event forfeit their privilege to remain at that event, and are subject to ejection from the event by the Local Master or other local body or U.S.G.L. officer in responsible charge of the event.  If the Local Master chooses to place the member on notice in accordance with COLMH Section VIII.B.5, then the member’s privilege to attend future local events may be preemptively curtailed according to the provisions specified in the notice.

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