Masking up at NOTOCON

Hospitalization rates and death rates from COVID continue to decline around the country, but COVID hasn’t gone away yet; and the symptoms of long COVID can be quite debilitating. Although it’s getting increasingly rare to see people wearing masks out in public, it’s still a pretty good idea; especially in crowded gatherings where people have come from many different locations. NOTOCON, for example.

There’s no point making masking-up mandatory at NOTOCON; because we have no say over what the other hotel guests do, or what the hotel staff do. Instead, we’d like to request two things of all OTO attendees:

  1. Please mask-up in the lecture rooms (presenters excepted) and other crowded areas. If possible, please also mask up in transit to the conference venue: at the airport and on the plane.
  2. Please do not give anybody a bad time for masking up, under any circumstances. Some people are at higher risk of severe symptoms than others, and some people have high-risk people at home who need to be protected.

Thanks, we appreciate your understanding and fraternal spirit!


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