Solstice Greetings, December 2023 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Greetings of the December (Southern) Solstice, which is the time that the Earth’s north pole reaches its maximum tilt away from the Sun, and the Sun is at its lowest daily maximum elevation in the northern sky. 

Tomorrow at 03:27 UTC, the Sun will be at 270° ecliptic longitude, and will enter the sign of Capricorn, the cardinal sign of Earth. In the Continental U.S., this will occur this evening at 7:27 PM PST for those of us on the West Coast and 10:27 PM EST for those on the East Coast. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, the December Solstice is also the Winter Solstice, when the period of daylight has reached its shortest and the period of night has reached its longest extent of the year.  The Winter Solstice thus represents the point at which the period of daylight in the diurnal cycle begins to increase.  Since prehistoric times, the Winter Solstice has been celebrated, in one way or another, as the beginning of the return journey, or rebirth, of the Light of the Sun.

Love is the law, love under will.



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