Take a Broom

As we have said before, we unequivocally reject all notions that any sex, race, or ethnicity is inherently superior or inferior to another.

Every race, ethnicity, and gender has its share of brilliant, noble, conscientious, and kind individuals, as well as its share of ignorant, selfish, deceitful, and cruel individuals.

Skin color, gender, and sexual orientation are not good tests of character or worth.  Neither is  wealth, language, proper grammar, accent, clothing, hair color, weight, or any other quick-and-easy marker.  To believe otherwise is ignorance—and it is the kind of ignorance that has caused massive suppression of true Wills and horrible, unnecessary suffering for thousands of years. It is still doing so today.  It is the kind of ignorance that urgently needs to be swept away from the minds of humanity.


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