The Liberty to Leave (Do Not Violate)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

We often don’t include policies in our documents such as the Camp, Oasis, and Lodge Master’s Handbook (COLMH) when it just seems that they are too obvious to require an explicit policy statement. Sometimes we find that we are wrong about that, and have to add a policy statement that just sounds like we’re telling people not to be idiots. You may have noticed some of these in our documents.

Unfortunately, the time has come to include another such policy statement, to wit: if someone attending one of your events (or rehearsals) tells you that they intend to leave the event, you may not prevent them from leaving, regardless of the timing or current stage of the event.

If the person appears to be drunk, and indicates their intention to drive, you may take such prudent actions as counseling them against leaving in their current state, offering to provide them with some form of safe transportation, or (last resort) advising them that you intend to call the police if they drive away; but you may not bar them from exiting, hold them against their will, or threaten them with any action other than calling the police.

Language to this effect will be added to the next COLMH update.

Love is the law, love under will.



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