Transitions and Appointments — January 2023 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Congratulations to Frater Pontifex of Atlanta on his appointment as Prison Ministry Coordinator, and many thanks to Frater V.L.T. for over 11 years of exemplary service in that office. You can find Frater Pontifex’s contact information in the latest issue of AgapĂ©.

We have created a new office, formally titled Assistant Secretary for Executive Relations, and informally titled Aide-de-camp, reporting to the Grand Secretary General. The duties of this office include assisting the Executive officers–me, in particular–with implementing various Executive-level policies and scheduling and coordinating Grand Lodge-level initiations and meetings. We have appointed Sister Kim Knight to this office. Congratulations and best wishes to Sister Kim!

Here follow a few announcements and acknowledgements resulting from the Electoral College meeting that took place this past January 14th:

Congratulations to Fr. Logos on his confirmation as Master of ARARITA Oasis in San Diego, CA, and much appreciation to Br. Jonah for their service in that office.

Congratulations to Sr. Maryam on her appointment as Master of Chariot of Eternity Oasis (formerly Black Sun Lodge) in Cleveland, OH, and many thanks to Br. Benjamin R. for his service in that office.

Congratulations to Sr. Anahita on her appointment as Master of Dove and Serpent Oasis in Atlanta, GA, and much appreciation to Fr. Pontifex for his service in that office.

Many thanks to Br. James W. for his service as Master of Circle of Stars Camp in Lafayette, IN, which was closed at his request.

Love is the law, love under will.



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